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Monthly Archives: June 2015

How a cheap will could leave your family in ruins

Almost half of Britons haven’t made a will, but if you’re tempted to buy a cheap DIY kit, be warned by the case of the woman who claims that not using a lawyer cost her a valuable stake in a house Sourced through from:

State pension provider NEST is building an income drawdown scheme

NEST has floated the idea of a low-cost retirement income product that combines cash, investments, and an annuity that starts paying out if you live beyond 85. Sourced through from:

Return of the interest-only mortgage

Lenders have begun introducing deals allowing borrowers to take out an interest-only loan with a deposit of 25 per cent and pay it off when they sell the property. Sourced through from: Short memories…?

Britain’s most expensive borough… where one square metre costs £12,000

Kensington and Chelsea has been named the most expensive place buy a home in Britain, with £12,000 buying just one square metre of property in the borough. Sourced through from:

Mortgage misery for 3million households

More than three million homeowners are saddled with expensive mortgage deals that are costing an extra £4billion a year, and may soon be be unable to afford their mortgages if interest rates rise. Sourced through from:

‘How a £90 will by Barclays lost half my house’

Barclays is being sued by a daughter who claims a botched will by the bank deprived her of a stake in her late father’s London home. The case underlines a wider problem with low-cost wills Sourced through from: Technically, Barclays are right.  But morally and in every other way they are so, so…

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Honduras to build land title registry using bitcoin technology

Honduras, one of the poorest countries in the Americas, has agreed to use a Texas-based company to build a permanent and secure land title record system using the underlying technology behind bitcoin, Sourced through from: