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Monthly Archives: November 2015

AUTUMN STATEMENT: Osborne abandons plans to slash police budget

The NHS, defence, foreign aid and housing are set to be the big winners, but the police, transport, justice and the environment will bear the brunt, with families braced for big hikes in council tax bills. Sourced through from:

Foreign buyers avoid tax with buy-to-let loophole

A loophole in George Osborne’s crackdown on buy-to-let landlords will allow wealthy overseas investors to continue to profit from the property boom across Britain, it emerged last night. Sourced through from:

People are hiding cash in their microwaves as Sweden gets closer to being the first cashless society with negative interest rates

“I’ve heard of people keeping cash in their microwaves because banks won’t accept it.” Sourced through from: We’ve seen the future…  Nice experiment soon to be rolled out across the Western Economies.

The number of £1m mortgages in the UK has risen by a fifth

NatWest, owned by Royal Bank of Scotland, said it granted 233 mortgages of more than £1 million in 2014, and so far this year has issued another 207 Sourced through from: