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Philip A J Smith

‘We put £500,000 into Aim shares to avoid inheritance tax’

Bernard Dokelman and his wife have assets of £4m – and a plan to dramatically reduce the amount of inheritance tax owed Sourced through from:

Cherie Blair leads legal fight against buy-to-let tax rise 

The wife of former Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair is representing a group of several hundred investors who are lobbying against a tax increase in Britain announced by Chancellor George Osborne. Sourced through from:

Digital tax: ‘HMRC wants a direct link to everyone’s bank accounts’

Have you filed your return by today’s deadline? Next time the process will be different as HMRC rolls out new, digital services Sourced through from: Be afraid…

Buy-to-let stamp duty rise ‘final nail in coffin’ for small landlords

Someone buying an additional property worth £150,000 will pay 10 times more in tax after the change than they do today Sourced through from:

Low rates and new tax breaks for savers are making me rethink my mortgage

The Personal Savings Allowance could prompt a decline in ‘offset’ mortgages, says Andrew Oxlade Sourced through from:

Ten biggest changes to personal finances in 2016

Whether its new rules on pensions, savings or energy efficiency we set out what lays in store for you this year Sourced through from:

Landlords raise £50k to fight buy-to-let tax relief crackdown

Two landlords looking to fight the Government after it announced last summer it was cracking down on mortgage interest tax relief on buy-to-let properties have raised £50,000 in nine days . Sourced through from:

Bad news — London is NOT in a housing bubble and prices will remain high for decades

Market conditions are very different compared with the financial crisis of 2008. Sourced through from: The naivety in this article is astounding! The toxic debt within the banking system is at a level greater than it was in 2007/2008. There appears to be no appreciation that the global economy is in the thrall…

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AUTUMN STATEMENT: Osborne abandons plans to slash police budget

The NHS, defence, foreign aid and housing are set to be the big winners, but the police, transport, justice and the environment will bear the brunt, with families braced for big hikes in council tax bills. Sourced through from:

Foreign buyers avoid tax with buy-to-let loophole

A loophole in George Osborne’s crackdown on buy-to-let landlords will allow wealthy overseas investors to continue to profit from the property boom across Britain, it emerged last night. Sourced through from: