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Monthly Archives: August 2015

What will China’s Black Monday mean for the UK?

As jittery investors brace for more shockwaves after last week’s rout on world markets, we look at the impact, from property to petrol prices Sourced through from:

Own a European holiday home? New rules mean you can now choose who inherits it

For the first time British investors with assets in the EU can avoid tough European succession rules Sourced through from:

A system for getting your child a property that starts with charging them –

One of Britain’s leading mortgage experts shares his own DIY system that helps kids get on to the property ladder but also makes money for parents Sourced through from:

Towns the UK property boom forgot: ‘We sold at a £410,000 loss’

Buyers in Newry, Northern Ireland, lost it all after believing prices would keep rising – while other UK towns such as Ferryhill and Conwy are also suffering Sourced through from: In the London-centric bubble, we sometimes forget there are other stories…